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  • Tad R. Callister, "The Inevitable Apostasy", pp. 284-285

The counsel of church leaders prior to the apostasy on entertainment. This is particularly interesting as some of what they say sounds just like what we might expect to hear during general conference.

An account from a family that found itself without television for a time and how much it affected their lives for the better.

Vexed by the material that her television was introducing into her home, Mrs. Eyring cut the power cable on the family television set, and when her determined children repaired the cable, she dropped the TV off the table, putting a big crack in the screen. This was the end of the Television in the Eyring home. This was a very positive change for the household.

Reprint of an address delivered in October 1946
"missionary work at home must increase as never before. We shall employ every modern device—the telephone, telegraph, radio, printing press, the short wave systems … , and the other devices that are coming."

Wirthlin provides statistics on the discrepancy between the moral standards of mainstream American (in 1993) and Hollywood.